What is web authoring programs


There are over a billion websites on the Internet, and more are being added every day. Corporations use the web to reach new customers and to promote their products. Individuals create online diaries or commentaries, called blogs. Creating a site is called web authoring.

almost all websites consist of interrelated web pages. As we mentioned in Chapter 2, web pages are typically HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (cascading style sheets) documents. With knowledge of HTML and a simple text editor, you can create web pages. Even without knowledge of HTML, you can create simple web pages using a word processing package like Microsoft Word. More specialized and powerful programs, called web authoring programs, are typically used to create sophisticated commercial sites. Also known as we page editors and HTML editors, these programs provide support for website design and HTML coding. Some web authoring programs are WYSIWY G (what you see is what you get) editors, which means you can build a page without interacting directly with HTML code. WYSIWYG editors preview the page described by HTML code. Widely used web authoring programs include Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web.


T here are numerous other specialized applications including accounting, personal finance, and project‘management applications. Accounting applications such as Intuit QuickBooks help companies record and report their financial operations. Personal financial applications such as Quicken Starter Edition help individuals track their personal finances and investments. Project management software like Microsoft Project is widely used in business to help coordinate and plan complicated projects. 



Video game Design software



Have you ever thought about designing a video game? While it may initially be unrealistic to create an immersive 3D world like Skyrim or BioShock, you can experiment and create some impressive games on your own with the right software. The first step is to visualize the game by thinking about the game’s length and plot. The second step is to choose the right video game design software.

Video game design software will help you organize your thoughts and guide you through the game design process including character development and environmental design. There are many choices from free software to very expensive software designed for professional game designers. Some of the better

known free or inexpensive video game design software are YoYo GameMaker, Stencyl, Flixel, and Unity. (See Figure 3-12.)


What is user interface how to use


A user interface is the portion of the application that allows you to control and to interact with the program. Depending on the application, you can use a mouse, a pointer, a keyboard, and/or your voice to communicate with the application. Most general-purpose applications use a mouse and a graphical user interface (GUI) that displays graphical elements called icons to represent familiar objects. The mouse controls a pointer on the screen that is used to select items such as icons. Another feature is the use of windows to display information. A window is simply a rectangular area that can contain a document, program, or message. (Do not confuse the term window with the various versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating systems, which are programs.) More than one window can be opened and displayed on the computer screen at one time.

Traditionally, most software programs use a system of menus, toolbars, and
dialog boxes. (See F igure 3-1.)

  • Menus present commands that are typically displayed in a menu bar at the top of the screen.
  • Toolbars typically appear below the menu bar and include small’ graphic elements called buttons that provide shortcuts for quick access to commonly used commands.
  • Dialog boxes provide additional information and request user input.
  • Many applications, and Microsoft applications in particular, use an interface
    known as the Ribbon GUI to make it easier to find and use all the features of an application; this GUI uses a system of ribbons, tabs, and galleries. (See Figure 3-2.)
  • Ribbons replace menus and toolbars by organizing commonly used commands into a set of tabs. These tabs display command buttons that are the most relevant to the tasks being performed by the user.
  • Tabs are used to divide the ribbon into major activity areas. Each tab is then organized into groups that contain related items. Some tabs, called contextual tabs, appear only when they are needed and anticipate the next operation to be performed by the user.
  • Galleries simplify the process of making a selection from a list of alternatives. This is accomplished by graphically displaying the effect of alternatives before beingr selected.
  • .

what is Search Engine? Specialized search engines

what is Search Engine? Specialized search engines


Search engines are specialized programs that assist you in locating information on the web and the Internet. To find information, you go to a search service’s website and use its search engine. See Figure 2-19 for a list of commonly used search engines.

To use a search website, you enter a keyword or phrase reflecting the information you want. The search engine compares your entry against its database and returns a list of hits or sites that contain the keywords. Each hit includes a link to the referenced web page (or other resources) along with a brief discussion of the information contained at that location. Many searches result in a large number of hits. For example, if you were to enter the keyword music, you would

get billions of hits. Search engines order the hits according to those sites that most likely contain the information requested and present the list to you in that order, usually in groups of 10.

Since each search service maintains its own database, the hits returned by one search engine will not necessarily be the same hits returned by another search engine. Therefore, when researching a topic, it is best to use more than one search engine.




Specialized search engines focus on subject-specific websites. Specialized sites can potentially save you time by narrowing your search. For a list of just a few selected specialized search engines, see Figure 2-20. For example, let’s say you

are researching a paper about the environment. You could begin with a general search engine like Google. Or you could go to a search engine that specializes in the environment, such as www.ecoearth.info.

To locate other specialized search engines, use a search service and enter the topic area followed by a specialized search engine. For example, entering sports specialized search engine will return several search engines dedicated specifically to sports information.



Content Evaluation

Search engines are excellent tools to locate information on the web. Be careful, however, how you use the information you find. Unlike most published material found in newspapers, journals, and textbooks, not all the information you find on the web has been subjected to strict guidelines to ensure accuracy. In fact, anyone can publish content on the web. Many sites, such as Wikipedia.org, allow anyone to post new material, sometimes anonymously and without critical evaluation. To evaluate the accuracy of the information you find on the web, consider the following:

  •  Authority. Is the author an expert in the subject area? Is the site an official site for the information presented, or is the site an individual’s personal website?
  • Accuracy. Has the information been critically reviewed for correctness prior to posting on the web? Does the website provide a method to report inaccurate information to the author?
  •  Objectivity. Is the information factually reported, or does the author have a bias? Does the author appear to have a personal agenda aimed at convincing or changing the reader’s opinion?
  •  Currency. Is the information up to date? Does the site specify the date when the site was updated? Are the site’s links operational? If not, the site is most likely not being actively maintained










How to watch and download Sacred Games for free

How to watch and download Sacred Games for free

Hello, guys, I am David Ranjan today I gonna talk you how to watch and download Sacred Games or any other Netflix Tv shows and movies for free.

As we know that Netflix is the world largest video streaming service. You can watch your favorite movie, tv shows anytime. But it is not available for free. You have to purchase it’s basic (500 rupees), Standard (650 rupees) or Premium (800 rupees) plans. You can use it’s any plan for free for 1 months but after that, you have to purchase one of them to keep watching videos.

But if you want to watch or download all episodes of Sacred Game without purchase any plans then follow these tricks given below. It is the easiest way to watch any Netflix or Amazon Prime video without paying any cost.

How to watch and download Sacred Games all episode for free

  • First of all, you have to install Tarriarium Tv android app on your android device which is not available in Play store. You can download it from given link.
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  •  After downloading open this app and click on button arrow and choose Netflix option.
  • There will be shown two options Tv shows and movies choose Tv shows option.
  • Then go to the search box and type “Sacred Games” then click on search button.
  • Now there will be show Sacred Games click on it and watch all episode for free.

  • You can also choose here your own video player for play video like Mx Player or any other which is installed on your mobile phone.
  • You can also download all episodes on mp4, HD Full HD or any other formate for free.

You can also watch and download here all Amazon Prime and Hulu Tv shows and Movies.

You and watch and download here all new released Hollywood and Bollywood movies.

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How to make passport by easy process

How to make passport by easy process

How to make passport by easy process


How to make passport by easy process

Now applying for passport is more easy than past. There are some new features added in mpasport app by government. After that from anywhere of India can apply for passport. This is available for iOS, Android and Windows phones. There are many similar Apps in Google play store from which needs to attention. Online payment, appointment schedule/reschedule or cancellation type services are available in it. And also can apply for new passport.

How to apply :
  • If you want to apply for passport, then at first you should download this app. After open the App click on new user registration. Then from which city belong you, choose the passport office according to your area.After that name, date of birth, email id etc will show to fill in form.
  • Create an unique login id and check the availability of it. Set strong password to the point of safety. You can also use your email id. After that you have to answer of the security question. By chance you forgot your password, it’s helps you.
  • After confirmation put the captcha code click on submit button. You will get a email from passport office which is for activation of your account. Then click on verification link.
  • After clicking on verification link you will go on webpage, where open application form by id and password. Then close the app and relaunch.Go to insisting user and after putting id and password put captcha. Available for applying fresh passport and many other options regarding passport.


  • so today we learn how to make passport in easy steps follow this steps and make sure you fill up all the information correctly if you want some help then comment we’ll contact you soon.


  • just do a comment and be free ok dont worry we’ll contact you under 1 day and help you with our best work and its our promise you love our work.

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How to make passport by easy process, How to make passport by easy process, How to make passport by easy process

Gavaskar backs ICC decision for ten teams World Cup format.

There has been lots of talks and discussion about the ICC’s decision to play 2019 world cup with just 10 teams. Apart from protest from those Associate nations who couldn’t qualify for the world cup even the people and cricket fans from the countries which have qualifed are against this decision. But Indian former cricketer and cricket commentator Sunil Gavaskar backs this decision by ICC. While writing his column for Mid Day he said if those teams are not good enough to make it to the World Cup through the qualifying tournament, then they don’t deserve to take part in it.

“Meanwhile Scotland’s surprise win over England has again raised the cry about the number of teams for next year’s World Cup.

“These people have forgotten that there was a tournament among Associate members and the two of the bottom ranked Test playing countries to qualify for next year’s World Cup. Afghanistan and West Indies qualified by getting to the finals.

“The point here is simple that if Ireland and Scotland, from where most of the noise comes about the number of teams for next year’s World Cup, were not good enough to qualify in an associate members event then how can they even think in terms of playing with the big boys in the World Cup? It’s like subcontinent teams asking to be included in the football World Cup.

“Get real guys, one win does not make you good enough to play in the cricket World Cup. If these teams are included then like we have seen in previous editions the quality of the game comes down and dilutes an event as big as the World Cup,” Gavaskar wrote this in his column for Mid Day.

The protest from those Associate nations had raised again when Scotalnd beat number one ranked side Engalnd in an ODI match in Edinburgh few days ago.

Scotland captain Kyle Coetzer responded to Gavaskar’s comments on Tuesday in Twitter.

He tweeted –
“Nobody is complaining about the qualifying process(this was a good tournament minus DRS). Should have been more qualifying places up for grabs at the #CWC19. 1 win …games against @ECB_cricket @ACBofficials @ZimCricketv @OfficialSLC must not count then(all in 14months)”

The ICC’s World Cup Qualifier, held in March 2018, had Zimbabwe, Scotland, Ireland, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Nepal, Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong competing, apart from Afghanistan and West Indies. The tournament was played without DRS and that hit Scotland particularly hard, with two key moments going against them in the Super Sixes. Scotland finished the Super Sixes on five points, just one behind Afghanistan, who finished second with six points and thus qualified for the World Cup along with West Indies.