How to get plane react on facebook

how to get plane react

How to get plane react on facebook

On the 31st of July Facebook has launched a newly featured reaction on the post. It is airplane reaction. Some people get this new plane to react and some people can not find this reaction. So I will tell you how to get this reaction. Some YouTubers make videos on it and telling that people to like their pages and comment #airplanereact to get an airplane to react on your Facebook post. But it is totally scam they are promoting own facebook page.

how to get plane react

Update your Facebook app

If you are using an old version of facebook then you can not find this react. You should have to install facebook latest version. It is a new react feature which is available in only the latest version of the facebook app.

Clear Cache

After installing the latest version of Facebook you should have to clean old version cache. Because your facebook app is updated but its cache is saved on your mobile. You have to clear your old version facebook cache from your mobile phone. If you do not clear it from your mobile then you will not be able to react airplane react on the facebook post.  So go to your mobile setting- Click on apps- Find facebook app – Then click on the clear cache. Now your old version facebook cache is removed.

Airplane react is ready.

Now to go any facebook post where you want to react airplane. Press like button for some time then all react options will be shown. There will be show an extra angry react click on it. Now your airplane react has been done on that post.

how to get plane react


Note:- Facebook has stopped airplane option for some time. It was created by a Facebook employee but he had not get permission to publish it. So this feature will be updated soon and announce officially by facebook.

How to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

How to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend.

Hello, everyone, I am David Ranjan and today I gonna talk about how to tag a person in facebook comment who is not in your friend list. On Facebook, we want to tag some people but if they are not in our friend list then we are not able to tag him. So I will show you a simple trick to tag any people in your comment box or timeline.


Follow these steps:-

  • First of all, You have to install facebook original app. This trick will not work on facebook lite app. So you have to install facebook app.
  • Now Login to your facebook account.
  • Search that person id whom you want to tag in the comment box or his timeline.

  • Now go to his profile and there will show a search on profile option at the upper side click there and there will be Name of that person. Copy it and go where you want to tag that person.

  • Now paste his name where you want to tag him and put  ” @ ” before the name.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

  • After paste his name there will show that person account touch on it.

  • Now that person is tagged in your facebook post comment.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

You can tag someone like that anywhere, Like Facebook pages, groups your timeline or comment box without making him your facebook friend.

How to mention all friends in facebook comments.

For this trick, you have to install Facebook lite app. It will not work on the Facebook Original app.

After installing facebook lite app login on your facebook account.

  • Now go to the comments section where you want to tag (mention) all friends.
  • There will be show add people icon click on it.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

  • Now select your friends whom you want to tag on your post comment. If you want to tag all friends then select all of them.

  • After selected click on next button then write something in the comment box and click on send arrow button.

  • Now all of your selected friends tagged on your post comment. They will get notification instantly.

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Thank you.