What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs

What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs

What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs


Graphics are widely used by professionals in the graphic arts profession. They use desktop publishing programs, image editing programs, illustration programs, and video editors.

  • Desktop publishing programs, or page layout programs, allow you to mix text and graphics to create publications of professional quality. While word processors focus on creating text and have the ability to combine text and graphics, desktop publishers focus on page design and layout and provide greater flexibility. Professional graphic artists use desktop publishing programs to create documents


What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs

such as brochures, newsletters, newspapers, and textbooks. Popular desktop publishing programs include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft

Publisher, and QuarkXPress. While these programs provide the capability to create text and graphics, typically graphic artists import these elements from other sources, including word processors, digital cameras, scanners, image editors, illustration programs, and image galleries.

  • Image editors, also known as photo editors, are specialized graphics programs for editing or modifying digital photographs. They are often used to touch up photographs to remove scratches and other imperfections. The photographs consist of thousands of dots or pixels that form images often referred to as bitmap or raster images. One limitation of bitmap images, however, is that when they are expanded, the images can become pixelated, or jagged on the edges. For example, when the letter A in Figure 3-9 is expanded, the borders of the letter appear jagged, as indicated by the expanded view. .

What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs

Popular image editors include Adobe Photoshop, Corel PaintShop Pro, GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), and Windows Photo Gallery.

  • Illustration. also known as drawing programs are used to create and edit vector images. While bitmap images use pixels to represent images, vector images, also known as vector illustrations, use geometric shapes or objects. These objects are created by connecting lines and curves avoiding the pixelated or ragged edges created by bitmap images. (See Figure 3-10.) Because these objects can be defined by mathematical equations, they can be rapidly and easily resized, colored, textured, and manipulated. An image is a combination of several objects. Illustration programs are often used for graphic design, page layout, and creating sharp artistic images. Popular illustration programs include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, and Inkscape.

What is Graphics? Top 4 Graphic designing programs

  • Video editors are used to editing videos to enhance quality and appearance. Once used only by Hollywood professionals, video editors are now widely used to edit high-quality video captured using smartphones and other devices. You can readily add special effects, music tracks, titles, and on-screen graphics. Just a few years ago, video editors were used only by professionals with expensive specialized hardware and software. Now, there are several free or inexpensive editors designed to assist the amateur videographer. Three well-known video editors are Windows Live Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, and YouTube Video Editor. 

What is social Networking? How To use social networking?

What is Social Networking? How To use social networking?

Social networking is one of the fastest growing and most
significant web 2.0 applications social networking site focus on connecting People and organization that shares a common interest of activity this site topically provide a wide array of tools that facilitate a meeting, communicating, and sharing there are hundreds of social networking sites three of the best known are Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.


was initially launched by a student at Harvard University for college students in 2004. By 2018 it was the most widely used social networking site. it now has a billion users worldwide. Facebook provides a wide array of features and applications including instant messaging photos and video sharing, games and much more.

there are three basic categories of Facebook users: individual, businesses, and communities.
individuals create Facebook profiles, which may include photos, lists of personal interests, contacts information, and other personal information. (see figure 2-15.) in general, these profiles available to friends, family members, and others who may be searching for an old friend, lost relatives or people who share a common interest. Facebook profile is easy to create and to update.

  • business create Facebook pages to promote products and services. public figures such as politicians and entertainers frequently use Facebook pages to connect with their constituents and fans. Facebook pages have become a standard way for promoters, musicians, and other celebrities to promote themselves.
    communities of individuals who share a common interest often create Facebook groups. these groups allow a number of people to come to create online to share information and discuss specific subjects typically, groups are organized around topics, events, or ideas. facebook pages are widely used by clubs and political organizations to coordinate activities and share information

Google +

also known as Google plus was launched in 2011. it is a combination of some of Google Inc.’s previously existed service whit some new services these new services include circle for grouping individuals according to common interests or other criteria and hangouts for communicating with up to 10 people at a time
facebook and google+ offer similar services. facebook has been around longer and has many more users. Google +, however, offer integration with other Google services including Google docs, chat, and calendar.

  • Linkedin

    started in 2003 has become the premier business-oriented social networking site although not nearly as large as Facebook or Google+ it is the largest social networking site focusing on business professionals. it has well over 100 million users. LinkedIn provides tools to maintain business contacts, develop extended business networks, research individual business, search for job opportunities, and more
    there are many social networking sites, each with its own unique features and interests. for a list of some of the most popular sites, 

How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages

How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages

How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages

In such day all of us using Whatsapp and we receive a lot of messages daily. In those messages, some are important and some not important. But we have to reply to all messages and we don’t have so much time to reply to all messages. Do you want to send an automatic reply to your WhatsApp messages without root your android phone? Most of the people say that it is not possible to send an automatic reply to Whatsapp messages without rooting the mobile phone. But technology is so far from their thinking. Now it is possible,

Hello, guys, I am David Ranjan and today I gonna talk about how to enable WhatsApp auto-reply without root your android mobile.

So Follow my steps and enjoy Whatsapp auto message reply. Which Whatsapp we use there is no auto message reply option. So we have to download Whatsapp cracked version which name is GB Whatsapp.

How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages

Follow these steps:-

  • First of all, you have to install GB WhatsApp which download link is given below.
  • Download (GB Whatsapp 35.45 mb):- Click Here
  • After downloading install this app and register with your mobile number. You can use the same mobile which is on your old WhatsApp or you can use another mobile number. It depends on you.
  • Then Click on 3 dots on upper side there will be showing many features click on GB settings.
  • How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages
  • Now go to Autoreply message setting. There will be a switch button at the top of the screen. Click on the switch and enable it.
  • How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages
  • Now Click on add text button and write want you to want to reply to your WhatsApp friends. Like “I am busy right now message you later” or ” I am busy right now” or anything you want to reply.
  • How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages
  • Then select delay message and set how much time after your message will reply again. If you want only one reply to one message then leave it blank.
  • Now you have to choose whom you want to sent auto-reply messages. There are three options. (1) In group message only. (2) In contact message only. (3) Both (group and contact).
  • If you want to set some specific time to reply your messages then select at specific times. Choose a start time and Stop time.
  • How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages
  • If you want to reply only specific group or contact messages then click on specific groups or contact and choose your contacts and groups whose you want to send auto-reply message.
  • After that click on the add button. Now your message will be saved.
  • How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages
  • Now anyone sends you a message in WhatsApp then he will get reply automatically.

How to send automatic reply to Whatsapp messages

Some Benefits of using GB WhatsApp:- 

  • Save your time to reply unnessesury WhatsApp messages.
  • Promote your website or blog for free.
  • Send your youtube video or blog post link to all of your contact in a single touch.


If you are getting any problem please watch this video.


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Thank You.

How to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

How to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend.

Hello, everyone, I am David Ranjan and today I gonna talk about how to tag a person in facebook comment who is not in your friend list. On Facebook, we want to tag some people but if they are not in our friend list then we are not able to tag him. So I will show you a simple trick to tag any people in your comment box or timeline.


Follow these steps:-

  • First of all, You have to install facebook original app. This trick will not work on facebook lite app. So you have to install facebook app.
  • Now Login to your facebook account.
  • Search that person id whom you want to tag in the comment box or his timeline.

  • Now go to his profile and there will show a search on profile option at the upper side click there and there will be Name of that person. Copy it and go where you want to tag that person.

  • Now paste his name where you want to tag him and put  ” @ ” before the name.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

  • After paste his name there will show that person account touch on it.

  • Now that person is tagged in your facebook post comment.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

You can tag someone like that anywhere, Like Facebook pages, groups your timeline or comment box without making him your facebook friend.

How to mention all friends in facebook comments.

For this trick, you have to install Facebook lite app. It will not work on the Facebook Original app.

After installing facebook lite app login on your facebook account.

  • Now go to the comments section where you want to tag (mention) all friends.
  • There will be show add people icon click on it.

how to mention someone on facebook who is not a friend

  • Now select your friends whom you want to tag on your post comment. If you want to tag all friends then select all of them.

  • After selected click on next button then write something in the comment box and click on send arrow button.

  • Now all of your selected friends tagged on your post comment. They will get notification instantly.

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Thank you.