How to earn money from Admob

How to earn money from admob

Hello, guys, I am David Ranjan and today I gonna talk how to make money from admob.

As you know that Google is the king of online advertisement. 

Google has many platforms (YouTube, Blogger, Google play etc.) to show any other companies ads and he makes huge money from it and he distributes some money among his users. As you know that youtuber’s make money by showing Google ads on YouTube. Blogger’s make money by showing Google Adsense ads on his blog.

Like that Google gave a way to make money to app developers. Like Youtube or blogging, Google Admob is a service of Google. You have to make an account on Admob then you will get your ad id. Put these ad ids on your android app. As much as people see these ads you will earn more money. It’s simple.

You also can make money from YouTube and blogging. But they have some rule to monetize. In youtube, you have to get minimum 1000 subscriber and 4000hour watch time. If you got it then you can make money from it. But it’s not easy. In blogging your blog should have to minimum 6 months old and good traffic on your blog then you can apply for Adsense and put Google ads on your blog.

But in Google Admob, you have no any requirement. Your account will be verified within a day. Then you can start earning money from it.

How to make Admob account.

  • Open Google admob official site or click this link given below.
  • Click here
  • Login with your Gmail id
  • Select your country and fill all the required options.
  • Now your admob account is ready.
  • Go to payments options and fill your address correctly.
  • Do not use fake address because you will get verifying token on your address.
  • Within 24-hour google will send you your admob account activation.
  • Then create your ads id and send to your app developer.

How much money we can make from it.

As much as people use your app then you can make more money.
If Indian people click on your ads then you will get 0.05$ to 0.20$ for 1 click.

If American, Canadian or any rich country people click on your ad then you will get 0.50$ to 1.50$ for 1 click.

You have to earn minimum 100$ to redeem your account.

How will we get paid from Google Admob?

Google pay his publisher on the 21st day of every month direct in your bank account.

When you earn 10$ then Google generate a token and send to your address through post.
(Note:- You didn’t get your token from post then you can verify your address online.)

When you get the token you have to put it on your admob and your address will be verified.

You have to earn minimum 100$ then you will be transferred to your bank account on the 21st day of every month.


App Testing Link:- Click here


Do not do these things with your ads otherwise, your account may be suspended.

Do not do self-click. (Which Gmail id you have to make admob account and if that Gmail id on your mobile then never click on your ads from that mobile.)

Do not use Vpn for earning more money. Because Google can be caught you.

Do not click more than 5 ads from a mobile in a day.