5 tips How to fix ad serving has been limited in 2021

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How to fix Google Adsense Ads Serving Limit

We will know here on  what is the How to fix ad serving has been limited , how to fix it in  Hindi  , as we have been seeing since few days, many people are  facing Adsense ad serving limit problem  in  adsense.


What Is Adsense Ads Serving limit Problem?

Due to which advertisements are disappearing from the website and earnings from Adsense have stopped. How to fix ad serving has been limited

In the earlier AdSense rule, there was a limit to placing three ads in any article, which was later removed by AdSense. 

100% Solved Temporary Adsense Ads Serving limit Problem

How to fix ad serving has been limited ?

I myself have also struggled with this problem, I have fixed it on the basis of my experience. That is where I am going to tell the technique.

So that you can also solve this problem  How to fix ad serving has been limited  .

But before knowing How to fix ad serving has been limited, we need to know why this problem happens on our Adsense account.

Why Temporary Adsense Ads Serving Limit is on our Adsense account

This step of AdSense has been taken for many AdSense account. Many creators have   matching AdSense ad serving limit .

This step has been taken against those whose AdSense account is mostly coming from social sharing, or in an inlegal way and traffic is not equal to organic traffic.how to fix ad serving limit

What Is temporary adsense Ads Serving limit Problem

If your post is up to 300 words, then here you have to put only two ads, according to you, you can put one in the header and one in the bottom footer.

And if you have written your post in 300 to 700 words, then you can put 3 ad comfortably.

If you have written your post in 1000 or more words, then you can put more than 3 ad. How to fix ad serving has been limited

Note. Keep in mind that you do not have to write any article on your site in less than 300 words or else it is considered incomplete information.

If you follow the rule mentioned above, then hopefully the  problem of ad limit is  not going to come on your site and if it is still coming then another solution is being told below.

5 step to remove ad serving has been limited problem in 5 day

  1. First disable the Auto ads from your google Adsense account.
  2. Archived all ads unit which you have created for placing the ads.
  3. Remove all google ads code or deactive the ads inserter if using.
  4. Delete google adsense main code from your website header (header.php file).
  5. Post the new article on your website.

Please watch this video for the more detailed information:

Other Tricks How To Fix “ad serving has been limited”

Trick 1

If due to invalid activity on your website or blog, this limit has been imposed on the site from Adsense and you have received a mail that it is also written that “we will check your site in a good way”, then you can do it with two tricks Will be able to fix it….

If there is no content on your site that is against or against the policy of Adsense. How to fix ad serving has been limited

And the traffic coming to your site is coming from legal sources, in such a situation, Adsense Ad serving limit will be removed from your site in 10 to 50 days.

Keep in mind that if you have been told how to download a ped app on your site for free, or if any creack software is being made available, then you should remove them immediately.

After all this you have to send a feedback to the AdSense team, you have to go to your AdSense account to send the feedback.

 On the left side there will be an option of ads on the top side, click on it. Then the feedback option will be found at the bottom of this page.How to fix ad serving has been limited

After writing the feedback, you have to take a screenshot of whatever your problem is, then a reply is received from the AdSense team in a few days.

Temporary Adsense Ads Serving Limit trick 2

Trick 2

To complete this trick, we have to make some changes in the HTML code of our site which are being described step by step below.

First open the html of the website’s theme . If your website is on Blogger , then open the dashboard of the blogger and click on the theme. How to fix ad serving has been limited.

1. First of all you have to open the theme html of your site and if your site is on blogger then open the dashboard of blogger. And click on the theme.

And then if you want to click on this option to edit theme, then html will open after clicking on blogger’s edit theme, just like you will open html on wordpress.

 how to fix adsense ads serving limit problem

2. After the Html code is open, remove any AdSense coad you had in the head section.

3. After removing the code from the head section, go to the layout and then remove all the ads you had placed.

4.  Now remove all the ad units that you had created by going to your  AdSense account and if you have turned auto ad on, then stop it too.

By doing so, temporary adsense ads serving limit  problem will be fixed in 4 to 5 days  . And until this problem is fixed, you do not have to apply ad again.

When this problem is fixed on your site, then you can only run auto ad for a few days, then you can manually apply ad.

So we have taught you   what is the Google adsense ads serving limit and How to fix ad serving has been limited, how to fix it, hope you have liked this Hindi post, if you still have any questions or suggestions, then do comment below. 

Thank you,

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