How to get plane react on facebook

How to get plane react on facebook

On the 31st of July Facebook has launched a newly featured reaction on the post. It is airplane reaction. Some people get this new plane to react and some people can not find this reaction. So I will tell you how to get this reaction. Some YouTubers make videos on it and telling that people to like their pages and comment #airplanereact to get an airplane to react on your Facebook post. But it is totally scam they are promoting own facebook page.

how to get plane react

Update your Facebook app

If you are using an old version of facebook then you can not find this react. You should have to install facebook latest version. It is a new react feature which is available in only the latest version of the facebook app.

Clear Cache

After installing the latest version of Facebook you should have to clean old version cache. Because your facebook app is updated but its cache is saved on your mobile. You have to clear your old version facebook cache from your mobile phone. If you do not clear it from your mobile then you will not be able to react airplane react on the facebook post.  So go to your mobile setting- Click on apps- Find facebook app – Then click on the clear cache. Now your old version facebook cache is removed.

Airplane react is ready.

Now to go any facebook post where you want to react airplane. Press like button for some time then all react options will be shown. There will be show an extra angry react click on it. Now your airplane react has been done on that post.

how to get plane react


Note:- Facebook has stopped airplane option for some time. It was created by a Facebook employee but he had not get permission to publish it. So this feature will be updated soon and announce officially by facebook.

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