How to increase website traffic with some tips and tricks 2021

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Increase traffic to your blog

How to increase website traffic: Increasing website traffic is the most important thing. The main reason for the failure of blogging on the Blogger and WordPress website is the lack of blog traffic. Nowadays, how can you increase blog traffic to your website?

Many people around the world have created a free / paid website blog. But not everyone is successful at blogging. There can be many reasons for failure (failure) in blogging.

How to increase website traffic

There may be reasons such as visitors not accessing the website blog, blog name or content post not showing up in Google search, lack of website loading speed, lack of Google AdSense approval, lack of use of SEO keywords, etc.

The main reason for driving traffic to the blog is that people don’t create the website entirely and they don’t design a good blog. How to increase website traffic.

Doesn’t everyone know when to apply Google AdSense to a website? And before that, let’s apply Google AdSense. Google AdSense reviews the blog and rejects it if something happens.

how to increase traffic on website

Many people search for tricks to increase blog traffic on Google. Some people buy traffic to increase website traffic.

The traffic will come to the website. But the traffic will only come for a while. And the Google search ranking will drop.

Buying traffic is included in Black Hat’s SEO techniques. There will also be no revenue from Google AdSense. I would like to recommend that you do not buy blog traffic and do a good job, publish good quality posts. How to increase website traffic

How to increase traffic on your website? (How to increase traffic to your website)

If you are a source of information on the blog, please give preliminary information on the blog website for the complete website and on the website, which is well designed. If you want to complete and design the blog, please read this post carefully. Visitors will like your blog and good traffic will come only when you see a good website and complete it. How to increase website traffic

How to increase website traffic? Tips will be read in Hindi. If you consider these tips. So blog traffic will definitely increase. Let’s know how to increase blog website traffic. For blogger and wordpress users.

How to increase blog traffic? How to (increase)?

It is very important to attract traffic from Google. Because Google Adsense gives a good answer only by bringing organic traffic from Google. And have a good income. Bringing traffic to and from social media or through YouTube is not considered organic traffic. how to increase your website traffic.

Therefore, to bring organic traffic, we have to take care of the little things. Only then will our position have power. And it will arrive in a good position. How to increase website traffic Let’s see-

1. Use the fast loading template (theme)

The main principle for general traffic on Blogger or WordPress is the lack of loading speed. Go to the GTmetrix site and check the website loading.

If your website blog shows 3-4 seconds or more. It means to say that the load of your blog is open in 3-4 seconds. So this is not correct. Some characters take even longer than this. how to increase traffic on website for free.

Because not all visitors to open you blog. And it will go to an other website. Let’s not wait for the blog to open. How to increase website traffic

2. Write a good quality content post

Your blog content posts should be of good quality. To increase blog traffic, write a daily high-quality content post.

This will improve your Google search ranking. And visitors will also like to come back.

3. Use the Share button on a blog post.

The publication of votre blog must have buttons to share on social networks. Use the buttons to share on social networks Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

A visitor can easily share it by clicking on the social share buttons. And put facebook comme box.

4.Click on the title of the post.

When posting on the website, the title of the post must be viral. Keep your post title large, so it’s easy for visitors to read. What this article is written about. how to increase website traffic for free

5. Use images

You must use a photo within a blog post. Using photos in the post increases blog traffic. Not only this, you can use Alt Tag keyword on photo.

Using the Alt Tag keyword in the photo can increase search engine optimization (SEO) for your site. You can engage visitors by using the photo in the blog post on your website. How to increase website traffic

But keep in mind not to use copyrighted photos. Because there is a risk that Google will impose a penalty on this blog.

We can use the photo in the blog post downloading a free image for the blog,, the site.

6. Using keywords and category to search for posts

While preparing the post, use the keyword and category in the post, this will make it easier for visitors to find the post and can stay on your site longer.

7. Respond to comments and make comments on another website

If any visitor asks questions in your blog post, you need to answer them, so the visitors will wait for your answer. So reply to the comment from time to time to keep old visitors away. How to increase website traffic

They also commented on comments from another website. And also put the url of your blog in the comment. So that visitors can access your website by clicking on that link.

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