How to upload video on facebook page in easy steps 2021

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how to upload a video to Facebook page in easy steps 2021

How to upload video on facebook page: Facebook is a social network website that is the most popular in the world and the number of us users, even if it continues.

How to upload video on facebook page

Facebook  is used in a lot of fields, many large companies also use it to sell their products.
Although there are many methods and tricks to earn money by Facebook , today in this post we will read about how to earn money by uploading videos on Facebook.

Eligibility criteria to monetize Facebook page

  • Facebook Ad Break works on the Facebook page itself.
  • You must have at least 10,000 followers on your Facebook page.
  • It is important to have a 30,000 minute view of the video on your Facebook page, note here that videos longer than 3 minutes on your Facebook will only be counted after 1 minute of view. This limit must be reached within 60 days.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • There should be no content on your Facebook page that violates Facebook policy.
  • The Facebook page supports the language of your country and beyond.

Earn money to Monetization of Facebook videos

You may have noticed that since the days of now, videos have started to load a lot on Facebook pages, in which you will also get funny prank videos and movie scenes, songs, motivational videos, 
almost every page of Facebook post their videos on their page. Making it more popular and viral, all of this has happened due to the launch of Facebook’s video monetization policy .

How to upload video on facebook page

This policy You can now earn by uploading videos to Facebook and pages by monetizing them like you earn by by  Uploading videos on Youtube   .
This method is called Monetization of videos from Facebook and therefore all the pages have started to publish more videos. How to upload video on facebook page

What is Monetization of Facebook?

It is a policy to earn money from Facebook videos, in which some ads will be shown in the videos you upload and when a user visits that video, then your income will be for him, but for this you must follow some Guidelines that you can read the   Monetization policy   .
 To earn money by uploading videos on Facebook, you must follow some steps that are …… .. !!

Facebook Page: First of all, you must have a Facebook page because you can only earn from the videos uploaded on the Facebook page, by putting any video on your profile, there will be no income.
And keep in mind that there are at least 10,000 likes on your page and if this is not the case then your income will not be there.

How to upload video on facebook page

So instead, you can make your page more popular using some methods and tricks and you can also increase the likes of your page by continually placing good videos and posts.
When you have 10,000 likes, then you are ready to earn money from your Facebook page. 

Video Editing: Before uploading any video to Facebook, edit it like you do on Youtube and put your page name or logo on it so that your post gets more likes and shares, also you 
can use some special effects and sounds. To make your post go viral and get more visits.

How to upload video on Facebook page

When your video is ready to upload, then you should post those videos by going to your page in your Facebook account, just like you do with any post from your page.
But when posting a video, you need to pay attention to the title, tags and thumbnail settings as this will increase the view of the user and you will get more likes and shares.

How to upload video on facebook page

Joint the Facebook Creators Platform: If you are eligible for  Facebook’s Monetization Policy , after that, you need to apply for Facebook Video Creators. Because only after approval of this account, you can earn money from the videos on your page. To apply on the Facebook creators account, you must go to their website, which link is by going to this link, log in and register or you will have the video on your page . You can apply for Video Makers from anywhere in the section.
If you are fancy for monetizing Facebook videos, about the ability to enjoy and enjoy all the features of video with the view of your videos.

How does work Facebook Video Makers

This will also work like Youtube. Once your account has been approved, when someone visits your video, then before it plays, you will have a Show Ad, which will be a few seconds, your profit will be from that Ad.
The more views your video gets, the higher your income. How to upload video on facebook page

How to withdrawal Facebook payment

When your income is at least $ 100, you can take your payment from Facebook, which you can redeem through your bank account or gift voucher.

How much can earn from Facebook page

It depends on your page because the more Like and Share, the more views will appear on your videos and the more views you will get. How to upload video on facebook page.

How to upload video on facebook page cover ?

If you know video editing, you can do 820 * 320 and the video should be 90 seconds in 30 seconds, but if you don’t know how to edit videos, download videos online, you can also install it on your Facebook page cover. Follow the step

  • Step 1 First of all go to
  • Step 2 Now select the video you want, click on the video you want, you can download it by clicking the free download button.
  • Step 3. After downloading the videos, login to your Facebook page
  • step 4. After logging into the Facebook page, click Change coverage, then click Upload photo / video
  • Step 5. Now select your video. After selecting the video, it may take 2 minutes for the video to upload.
  • Step 6. After selecting the video, the video will start to load and when 100% complete, you can adjust the video, then click the Next button
  • Step 7. Now click on the Publish button. Congratulations. You have now successfully placed the video on your cover Facebook page.

Closing Lines

Facebook is a trustworthy website and there is no tension from fraud.
So if you are good at video editing and have a popular page then you can earn Paise by posting a video to your page with this Facebook video monetization policy.

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