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Everyone wants to live healthy and stress free. Yoga is very helpful for physical and mental fitness. The person who wants to do yoga, They have not knowledge of doing Yoga in proper way.

  • Daily Yoga

This App is for all level of users who are beginners or advance. More than 200 yoga meditation, workout, simple guidance is given by it. Along with more 500 asans, more than 50 yoga class plan. The guidance of Yoga is given step by step which help to do yoga. Here you can choose according to your choice. It is beneficial for weight loss, flexibility, relaxation, meditation, body detox. This support iOS and Android.

  • Yoga Studio

You can also use this app for Yoga and meditation in proper way. More than 80 Yoga and meditation classes are available in hd quality. It is  You can prepare a high quality yoga classaccording to you . Here you can choose Yoga class duration from 5 min to 60 min. Hip hop Yoga , Runner Yoga, back pain yoga, 10 min yoga, deep relaxation yoga are available. In yoga pose library details knowledge of 280 asans and describe from which asans have what benefits. This is for iOS and Android both.

  • 5 minutes yoga

If you are very and have not time for Yoga in your life style, then you can use 5 minute Yoga App . It is for regular purpose and for beginners. The person who wants to start to do Yoga or learn Yoga, asans and yoga details in effective way for those. This App promise to you that you can feel stressfree after 5 minutes Yoga. You can download this app from Google play store or app store.

  • Simple Yoga

This App act as personal Yoga instructor. Here , Yoga session are available of 20, 40 and 60 minutes. Through video it teaches you that  which asans do in what way. Audio instruction will also get during Yoga session. More than 30 yoga asans are available in detail. If you will complete a level than can buy full version app. This can download for iOS and Android.


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