US accusation – China is doing the power of wealth to increase its influence

US accusation – China is doing the power of wealth to increase its influence

China has a debt of ten billion dollars (70 billion rupees) of rupees to Pakistan, which is struggling with tension. This loan has been given to the development of Gwadar port of Pakistan and some other projects. This information is given by a high-ranking General of the American Army.

According to the general, China is using the power of money to increase its influence in the world. The Gwadar port, situated on the Arabian Sea, is in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. This port is being developed under China’s Great Belt-One Road (OBOR) project. Its development will greatly reduce the distance from China’s Central Asia. Strategically important this control of the port will be in China’s hands.

US Army Chief General Joseph Dunnford told the American Parliament’s Defense Affairs Committee that China had been trapped in the first place on the strength of economic power. After that, he leased the Humbertonanta port for 99. China has 70 percent control over this port.

Similarly Maldives is in the net of 1.5 billion dollars of Chinese debt. African countries, Djibouti, is worse off on Chinese debt. Argentina is stuck with debt from China and is now partnering with military resources.

General told that through the OBOR, Chinese countries are trapped in their debt trap. In giving loan he completely violates the principles of international norms and economics. He is giving loans to the countries in the name of investment and is capturing their resources.

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