What is app full details and how to work

What is app full details and how to work

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The breadth and scope of available mobile applications for smartphones and other mobile devices are ever expanding. There are over 500,000 apps just for Apple’s iPhone alone. Some of the most widely used are for listening to music, viewing video, social networking, shopping, and game playing.

Music. For many, their smartphone and/or tablet is their primary source for music. The mobile app Pandora offers free streaming music with ads and playlists that you can customize in a limited way. Spotify is another streaming music service that requires a monthly fee but offers direct control of what music you listen .to and no ads. 

  • video. With faster data Speeds and higher resolution screens, smartphone phones and tablets are becoming a favorite way to watch TV shows, movies, or video clips. The YouTube app offers access to free online Videos such as movie trailers and video blogs. The Netflix app provides access to more professional videos for a fee. 
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Mobile apps are ideal for sharing a picture while on vacation, checking in at your favorite coffee shop, or sending out invites to a last-minute party. The Facebook mobile app offers many of the features of the Facebook website, with additional features that take advantage of a mobile device’s camera and GPS capability. The Instagram app provides a more specialized and artistic flair by focusing on sharing photos

  • Shopping. A recent poll concluded that well over half of all smartphone users in the United States regularly use their phones for shopping. By scanning a product’s bar-code, shopping apps search for the product and provide price comparisons as well as product reviews. Using Amazon’s Price Check app, all you need to do is take a picture of the product.
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  • Games. One of the most popular activities on smart-phones and tablets is game playing. Some of these games are quite basic, are free, and include in-app optional purchases. For example, Crossy Road challenges game players to assists A character across obstacles (roads, rivers, grass, and train tracks) without succumbing to obstacles such as rivers, trees, trains and cars. Players have the option to buy additional characters. Some other games are quite complex and are not free. For example, Dragon Quest V is a popular role playing game (RPG) where gamers create their own Villages, fight off intruders, and form alliances with millions of other players online. (See Figure 3-13.) 
  • Apps Stores Many apps are written for a particular type of mobile device and will not run on other types. For example, an app designed for Apple’s iPhone may not work with Google’s Android. APP STORES

An app store is typically a website that provides access to specific mobile apps that can be downloaded either for a nominal fee or free of charge. Two of the bestknown stores are Apple’s App Store and Google Play. (See Figure 3-14.) Although most of the best-known app stores specialize in applications for a particular line of mobile device, other less well-known stores provide apps for a wide variety of mobile devices. For a list of some more widely used app stores, see Figure 3-15. 

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