What is social Networking? How To use social networking?

What is Social Networking? How To use social networking?

Social networking is one of the fastest growing and most
significant web 2.0 applications social networking site focus on connecting People and organization that shares a common interest of activity this site topically provide a wide array of tools that facilitate a meeting, communicating, and sharing there are hundreds of social networking sites three of the best known are Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn.


was initially launched by a student at Harvard University for college students in 2004. By 2018 it was the most widely used social networking site. it now has a billion users worldwide. Facebook provides a wide array of features and applications including instant messaging photos and video sharing, games and much more.

there are three basic categories of Facebook users: individual, businesses, and communities.
individuals create Facebook profiles, which may include photos, lists of personal interests, contacts information, and other personal information. (see figure 2-15.) in general, these profiles available to friends, family members, and others who may be searching for an old friend, lost relatives or people who share a common interest. Facebook profile is easy to create and to update.

  • business create Facebook pages to promote products and services. public figures such as politicians and entertainers frequently use Facebook pages to connect with their constituents and fans. Facebook pages have become a standard way for promoters, musicians, and other celebrities to promote themselves.
    communities of individuals who share a common interest often create Facebook groups. these groups allow a number of people to come to create online to share information and discuss specific subjects typically, groups are organized around topics, events, or ideas. facebook pages are widely used by clubs and political organizations to coordinate activities and share information

Google +

also known as Google plus was launched in 2011. it is a combination of some of Google Inc.’s previously existed service whit some new services these new services include circle for grouping individuals according to common interests or other criteria and hangouts¬†for communicating with up to 10 people at a time
facebook and google+ offer similar services. facebook has been around longer and has many more users. Google +, however, offer integration with other Google services including Google docs, chat, and calendar.

  • Linkedin

    started in 2003 has become the premier business-oriented social networking site although not nearly as large as Facebook or Google+ it is the largest social networking site focusing on business professionals. it has well over 100 million users. LinkedIn provides tools to maintain business contacts, develop extended business networks, research individual business, search for job opportunities, and more
    there are many social networking sites, each with its own unique features and interests. for a list of some of the most popular sites, 

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