What is web authoring programs


There are over a billion websites on the Internet, and more are being added every day. Corporations use the web to reach new customers and to promote their products. Individuals create online diaries or commentaries, called blogs. Creating a site is called web authoring.

almost all websites consist of interrelated web pages. As we mentioned in Chapter 2, web pages are typically HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) and CSS (cascading style sheets) documents. With knowledge of HTML and a simple text editor, you can create web pages. Even without knowledge of HTML, you can create simple web pages using a word processing package like Microsoft Word. More specialized and powerful programs, called web authoring programs, are typically used to create sophisticated commercial sites. Also known as we page editors and HTML editors, these programs provide support for website design and HTML coding. Some web authoring programs are WYSIWY G (what you see is what you get) editors, which means you can build a page without interacting directly with HTML code. WYSIWYG editors preview the page described by HTML code. Widely used web authoring programs include Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web.


T here are numerous other specialized applications including accounting, personal finance, and project‘management applications. Accounting applications such as Intuit QuickBooks help companies record and report their financial operations. Personal financial applications such as Quicken Starter Edition help individuals track their personal finances and investments. Project management software like Microsoft Project is widely used in business to help coordinate and plan complicated projects. 



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