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If you active in Internet for a long time then anyone can track your details.There are some websites extension which help you to know that who are tracking.

  • https://panopticlik.eff.org

By the help of this website you can know about tracker on current browser.It gives us information after analyzing browser setup, Adsense, extension etc. You can also know that browser which is safe to unsafe according to tracking point of view for you.

How to use:

After open this site click Test me button on home page. After sometime this analyze the browser and inform you who are tracking.

  • https://amiunique.org

This website is tracker analyzer. It’s focus is on unique fingerprint of browser.It called the missing data from your computer, operating system, browser and plugins. Further it also collect the cookies of four months. After that it analyze about your tracker.

How to use:

At first open the website view my browser fingerprint button is available, click here and you can find about tracker. It’s add ON is also available which support Chrome and Firefox.

  • https://disconnect.net

This site help you to safe from the trackers. Browser extension of disconnect block more than 2000 trackers. Along with website prove that it loads the pages 27% greater speed. It gives you option to block the individual website which track you.

How to use:

In this website you will find the button get disconnect , click this button. This website support Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera browser. Open after installing disconnect then you will found that who are tracking you.

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